Meet Paul Carmody

Power Clean Pros is a family-owned business with over twenty-six years of pressure washing experience in Virginia Beach, VA.  Paul Carmody is an Air Force veteran who believes in a job done with excellence.  He makes sure that every homeowner is completely satisfied before moving on to the next job.  A high energy level, attention to detail and an efficient work system including professional grade equipment enable Paul to schedule and complete his jobs quickly and with excellence.

A native of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, Paul enjoys working throughout the year, no matter what the temperature or weather conditions.  He recently pressure washed an entire apartment complex during the month of February!

When he is not pressure washing, Paul enjoys rollerblading on the boardwalk, flying kites at Mt. Trashmore, studying the nature and character of God, and creating videos on YouTube on that subject.  He also appreciates astronomy and has a set of binoculars that can see into deep space.

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